Astro Vastu 45 Devatas 2022

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It appears that the “Astro Vast 45 Devatas Course” is related to Vastu Shastra, specifically focusing on the worship and understanding of 45 Vastu Devatas or deities associated with Vastu principles.

In Vastu Shastra, Vastu Devatas are considered guardian deities of the directions and the cosmic energy associated with them. They are believed to influence the energy flow and harmony of a building or living space. Therefore, a course on “Astro Vast 45 Devatas” likely includes the following:

  1. Introduction to Vastu Devatas: The course begins with an overview of Vastu Devatas, explaining their significance in Vastu Shastra and how they are associated with various directions and aspects of life.
  2. Worship and Rituals: Participants are likely taught how to perform rituals and worship specific Vastu Devatas to seek their blessings for a harmonious living or working environment.
  3. Role in Vastu Analysis: The course may explore how the presence and alignment of these deities are considered during Vastu analysis and construction to ensure positive energy flow and balance.
  4. Astrological Aspects: Given the mention of “Astro” in the course name, there may also be an astrological dimension where students learn how the positions of celestial bodies can influence Vastu Devatas and, consequently, the energy within a space.
  5. Practical Applications: Practical application of Vastu principles related to the 45 Devatas, including hands-on exercises and case studies, may be a part of the course.
  6. Consultation Skills: For those interested in becoming Vastu consultants, the course may provide guidance on conducting consultations, advising clients on Vastu remedies involving Devata worship, and addressing specific Vastu-related concerns.

A course focused on “Astro Vast 45 Devatas” is likely intended for individuals interested in deepening their understanding of Vastu Shastra with an emphasis on the worship and application of the 45 Vastu Devatas.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn about Vastu
  • You will learn about Vastu Devatas
  • You will learn Remedies also

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