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Karma Astrology and Remedies 2023

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About Course

?Course Description: This course explores the concept of karma and its relationship with astrology. Students will learn about the philosophical and spiritual concepts of karma in different religions and cultures, as well as its interpretation in astrology. The course will cover various topics including the theory of karma, the role of karma in shaping our lives, the law of cause and effect, karmic debts and lessons, and the connection between karma and astrology.

  • ?Day 1 Introduction to Karma and Astrology Definition of Karma Overview of Astrology Relationship between Karma and Astrology
  • ?Day 2 Theory of Karma Origins of Karma Karma in different religions and cultures Understanding the concept of Karma
  • ?Day 3 Law of Cause and Effect Understanding the Law of Cause and Effect How Karma affects our lives Different types of Karma
  • ?Day 4 Karmic Debts and Lessons Identifying karmic debts and lessons How to resolve karmic debts and learn karmic lessons Karma and Relationships
  • ?Day 5 Karma and Astrology How astrology reflects our Karma The role of planets in Karma Reading birth charts for Karmic influences
  • ?Day 6 Conclusion and Remedies and Precautions Review of Karma and Astrology Implications for personal growth and self-awareness Future directions for Karma and Astrology Remedies

What Will You Learn?

  • You will able unfold Your Karmic Problem and Solve It
  • Remedies of Fixing issues from Past Karma
  • How Fix This Life Karma with Karma Correction Technique?

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3 months ago
It was a very good learning experience with joyy sir .
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