Numerology Loshu Course May 2022

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Numerology Loshu Course: Basic to Advanced numerology typically builds upon the foundational concepts of basic numerology, which involves assigning significance to numbers and their vibrations. In an advanced numerology course, you might expect to learn about:

  1. Advanced Numerology Systems: Exploring different numerology systems from various cultures and traditions, such as Pythagorean numerology, Chaldean numerology, and Kabbalistic numerology.
  2. Master Numbers: In-depth study of master numbers (11, 22, 33, etc.) and their significance in numerology.
  3. Personal Year, Month, and Day Numbers: Understanding how to calculate and interpret personal year, month, and day numbers for individuals.
  4. Name Analysis: Advanced techniques for analyzing names using numerology, including calculating destiny numbers, expression numbers, and more.
  5. Compatibility Analysis: Using numerology to analyze compatibility between individuals, such as in relationships or partnerships.
  6. Life Path Analysis: Deepening your understanding of life path numbers and their implications for an individual’s life journey.
  7. Numerology and Spirituality: Exploring the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of numerology, including its connections to astrology and other esoteric practices.
  8. Numerology and Decision-Making: Using numerology as a tool for making informed decisions and understanding life events.

Lo Shu: LoShu is a Chinese divination system based on a 3×3 grid of numbers, each associated with a specific element.

What Will You Learn?

  • you will learn quick predictions
  • no need of birth time and place

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