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Vedic and KP Transit Sept 2022

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A course on “Vedic and KP Transit” combines two important branches of astrology: Vedic astrology and Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP) astrology, with a specific focus on the concept of planetary transits. This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how planetary movements and transits influence an individual’s life and how these principles are applied in both Vedic and KP astrology.

Key components of a Vedic and KP Transit course typically include:

  1. Introduction to Vedic and KP Astrology: The course often begins with an introduction to both Vedic and KP astrology, highlighting their differences and similarities. Students learn the fundamental principles of these two astrological systems.
  2. Planetary Transits: Participants delve into the significance of planetary transits, studying how the movements of planets through the zodiac impact individuals, events, and trends. This includes an in-depth exploration of the effects of slow-moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter, as well as faster-moving planets.
  3. Transit Timing Techniques: Students are taught various techniques and methodologies for analyzing and predicting the outcomes of planetary transits in both Vedic and KP astrology. This may involve the study of dashas (planetary periods), transit-to-natal planet aspects, and other timing systems.
  4. Vedic Transit Analysis: In the Vedic astrology segment of the course, students learn how to interpret planetary transits within the context of the natal birth chart (Janma Kundali). This includes understanding the role of transiting planets through different houses and signs.
  5. KP Transit Analysis: The KP astrology section focuses on how to apply the principles of KP astrology to transit analysis. Students learn how to use KP systems and techniques to make accurate predictions based on planetary transits.
  6. Case Studies: Practical application is a significant part of the course. Participants analyze real-life birth charts and transits to develop their skills in transit analysis. This helps them gain hands-on experience in making predictions and providing insights.
  7. Consultation Skills: For those interested in becoming astrological consultants, the course may provide guidance on conducting consultations, effectively communicating transit-related insights, and addressing clients’ questions and concerns.

A course on Vedic and KP Transit equips individuals with a comprehensive understanding of how planetary transits can be used for predictive astrology. It provides students with the tools and knowledge to make accurate predictions and offer astrological guidance based on the movements of celestial bodies.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn vedic and KP Astrology Transits/Gochar
  • You will learn how to read Transit /Gochar
  • You will learn how to predict the Transit planets

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4 weeks ago
as usual full of knowledge ....great . kudos to u sir
6 months ago
nice course
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