Bay Leaf burning Ritual


  • With the Bay Leaf Ritual, you can change your life and attract your dreams.
  • Make reservations for Siddhii’s next Full Moon event.
  • Siddhii amplifies intentions and brings about good transformation by harnessing the energy of the new moon.
  • Release limiting beliefs, let rid of bad energy, and open yourself up to success and abundance.
  • Unwind from home as Siddhii gives you pictures and videos and manages the ritual’s logistics.
  • An ancient method for manifesting and changing is the Bay Leaf Ritual.
  • Reserve today to witness the profound transformations in your life.


Looking to manifest your desires and transform your life?

Look no further than our Bay Leaf Ritual!

Book us for our upcoming Full Moon event, where Siddhii will perform the Bay Leaf Ritual on your behalf.

Siddhii will perform the ritual, using the energy of the new moon to amplify your intentions and manifest positive change in your life.

This is a unique opportunity to let go of negative energy, release limiting beliefs, and invite abundance and success into your life.

Sit back , relax and focus on your intentions at home, while Siddhii shall handle the logistics of the ritual for you and when done send you images/videos.

Our Bay Leaf Ritual is a powerful tool for manifestation and transformation that has been used for centuries. Don’t miss your chance to experience it and take control of your life.

Book your spot now for our upcoming Full Moon event and let us perform the Bay Leaf Ritual on your behalf. You’ll be amazed at the results and the positive changes that will come into your life.


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