Panch Pakshi July 2023




Course Content

✅Timing decisions: The system can help you make the right decision or take proper action at the right time.

✅Time management: By knowing the best time to do a task you can manage your time effectively.

✅Improved luck: The system can help increase your luck factor and attract good opportunities.

✅Sales and business success: Understanding the energy of different birds can help attract more clients and customers towards your business.

✅Better decision making: By understanding the characteristics of different birds you can make sound decisions in your personal and professional life. In short learning PanchPakshi astrology can be highly beneficial in various aspects of life. In the PanchPakshi Course you will also learn how to identify your own personal bird based on your birth date. This bird will provide insights into your personality strengths weaknesses and guide you in making decisions. You will also explore the concept of lucky direction and color associated with each bird. This information will help you enhance your luck and success in various endeavors. Additionally you will learn about the ruling day concept and immune day concept which can help you plan your activities for optimal results.

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