Your planets provide detailed information on your health issues and possible remedies.

Your planets provide detailed information on your health issues and possible remedies.

As with everything else in life, sound wellness is crucial because, as the proverb goes, “Wellbeing is riches.” Overall, having good mental health is crucial to not having any health issues. Life span continues to be the fundamental concept in astrology. The three main centres of gravity are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendants; if any one of these angles is stable, it portends good health and a long life. It is most prominent in the horoscope; for instance, the horoscope’s ruling planet has a significant impact on longevity and sound living. A planet’s life span is positively advanced when it is in the benefic house and receiving beneficial views; but, if it is malefic and has large angles, your life may experience some upheaval.
Health issues and the houses of astrology

Sun for medical issues

The sun can cause sunstroke, difficulties with the heart, spinal cord, blood circulation, and the left and right eyes in men and women, respectively. moon
Moon: issues with the breasts, colds, pneumonia, stomach, kidneys, uterus, stomach motions, manic episodes, and issues with the lower abdomen


Mercury: nerves, lungs, lips, tongue, issues with speech, hands, epilepsy


Venus: issues with her cheekbones, throat, skin, and reproductive system


Mars: burns, fevers, nose, muscles, bleeding, accidents, suicidal thoughts, and electric shock Jupiter

Jupiter: blood vessels; diabetes; liver; thigh; right ear; obesity; issues arising from overindulgence in food


Saturn: skeletal structure, teeth, bones, overall weakness, asthma, diseases relating to the skin, chronic illnesses, and TB Rahu is associated with cancer, leprosy, poisoning, splenic diseases, snake bites, and bug bites. Kethu: blood pressure issues, allergies, insanity, and hypertension This typically means increased well-being, but it can also occasionally result in challenging problems. It depends on the globe and how one views it.


Astrology and Health Issues

It mostly depends on how much energy the globe has to move. If its potential is curtailed or maintained, it retaliates by inducing illness or health issues. A planet will react negatively if it is unable to demonstrate its positive character. Almost every medical condition is caused by planetary energies in the horoscope that are suppressed or inhibited. Each planet has a unique way of affecting people’s well-being; when a planet is in its proper position, it can have a good influence, but when it is impeded, it can have a detrimental effect. Gemstones, pujas, and other Vedic astrological treatments are suggested in astrology to prevent the negative effects of malefic planets, which lead to illness and health issues. While the Zodiac signs govern the physical parts that are either solid or susceptible to disease, the planets and related focuses in the horoscope speak to the true forces at work.


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